B.2 CAF – Community Focus

This lens of the Critical Assessment Framework is designed to generate discussion amongst program developers of how well their project will address the needs of the community and contribute to enhanced engagement with the cultural challenges related to local/global sustainability.

The following questions should be used to spark discussions among project developers about their assumptions of what topics, focuses, priorities and strategies will be most relevant for local communities.

When considering a new public program initiative, ask how well the program will:

  • Address vital and relevant needs / issues / opportunities within community?
  • Generate information and connection at the personal, community, provincial/territorial, national and global level?
  • Engage a diverse public?
  • Provide a voice for diverse groups?
  • Encourage social interactions and debate?
  • Act as a catalyst for action?
  • Stimulate intergenerational interactions?
  • Link existing community groups to one another?
  • Initiate or enhance long term collaborative relationships?
  • Partnerships empower community groups?
  • Enhance the credibility of all involved?
  • Result in products and processes that have tangible impact in the community?

With each of these questions, it is important to ask two secondary questions, specifically ‘how do you know?’ and ‘what will you measure to test your assumption?’


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