B.1 CAF – Individual

The following questions are designed to assist program development teams to either plan their projects with greater clarity about how individuals will become engaged, clarify their assumptions about public motivation to engage and to help ensure that there is both relevance and impact from the perspective of individual users of the program.

When considering a new public program initiative, ask yourself and your team how well the program will achieve the following goals:

  • Contribute and/or generate new insights
  • Capture imagination
  • Stimulate curiosity
  • Encourage personal reflection
  • Enhance ability to think critically and creatively
  • Provide opportunity to examine and clarify values
  • Demonstrate relevance and make connection to daily life
  • Affirm, challenge, deepen identity
  • Help develop a sense of place
  • Help deal with complexity and uncertainty
  • Increase responsible action
  • Stimulate intrinsic motivation

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