E.2 Who are we? – Glenn Sutter


Glenn Sutter
Glenn Sutter



Glenn Sutter is a conservation and human ecologist  who lives in Regina, where he is Head of Life Sciences at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.  He is a founding member of the Canadian Working Group on Museums and Sustainable Communities, and is currently chair of the Saskatchewan Education for Sustainable Development Network.   Glenn is also a performing songwriter who uses thoughtful lyrics and moving folk-rock melodies to tell stories and express ideas about nature, love, and the human condition. 

Glenn’s interest in sustainable development took root in the 1980s, when he worked for the Royal Society of Canada as coordinator of the Canadian Global Change Program.  His current goal as a researcher and teacher is to develop a deeper understanding of linked eco-social systems and the value of cultural indicators aimed at individuals, institutions and communities.  Some of his recent studies have focused on the educational value of The Human Factor, a series of permanent museum displays that examine regional and global problems, and potential solutions, from an ecocentric perspective.


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